Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Vignana Bhairava Tantra - 75

Just before you sleep

Anaagatayam Nidrayam Pranashte Bahya Gochare|
Savastha Manasa Gamya Para Devi Prakashate||
Just at the moment when you are slipping into sleep and your mind is shutting off its association with the external sense objects just as the eyes close, and it is yet to fully fall asleep, take your attention to the awareness that is present in the intervening period of transition. The Supreme Goddess shines there. (Pix. and text: Swahilya Shambhavi. Pix. A dusk-time view of a minaret in the distance on a Chennai evening.)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Vignana Bhairava Tantra - 74

Where the mind is content there lies supreme bliss

Yatra Yatra Manastushtihi Manastathraiva Dharayeth|
Tatra Tatra Paranandas Swaroopam Sampravartate||

Nothing is spared in the Tantra as a means to meditatye on the divine experience. Here in this verse, it is contemplation on the happy moments that you have experienced in the past. When you sit down for meditation, bring your awareness to the happy incident. At the source of this experience lies the supreme joy that makes its presence felt. It also goes without saying that a mind that is content at all times, revels in this blissful state forever. (Pix: The O' Brothers - Ojasvin and Omjasvin in a show of joy and contentment.) - Swahilya Shambhavi.