Friday, April 25, 2008


Matter 'n Spirit
Evam Vidha Bhairavasya Yavastha Parigeeyate
Saa paraa pararoopena Paradevi Prakeerthitha
Consciousness exists. But how can it be known. By the names and forms which are the manifestation of energy says the Vignana Bhairavba Tantra.
The state of the Bhairava has been described in this manner. The knowledge of the consciousness is possible through the mind which is Prakriti - nature. We call nature as the mother - Mother Earth, the rivers are given feminine names. We are born out of this combination of consciousness and energy - Purusha and Prakriti. It is through the mother - prakriti, we are introduced to the father Purusha. Whether masculine, feminine, neuter or inert, all creatures of nature are born out of this Supreme consciousness. It is they who show to us the existence of this consciousness.
(Picture: A long time ago, singing a bhajan.)

Friday, April 18, 2008


Know it!

Tad Vapus Tattvato Jneyam Vimalam Vishwapooranam
Evam Vidhe Pare Tattve Kah Poojya Kascha Tripyate
The entire universe may be known in its essential form to be free of impurities. In this way if the Supreme Reality exists, who is the one to be worshipped and who is the one to be pleased and pacified.
Essence can be understood this way. I am the body consisting of the earth and its seven elements, water in many forms, fire as heat, air that is breathed in and circulated through the body and space. In the space, between the cells of the body resides the mind which is a constant flow of thoughts in and out. Even beyond and in between the interstices of the mind is pure consciousness, which is non-moving, which is silent, which is no object. This consciousness is the essence that pervades the Universe. It is pure, constant and ever abiding. It is not anybody or anything else, but you, your essence, me and my essence. Who then is there to be worshipped or placated with offerings?
- Swahilya Shambhavi.

Friday, April 11, 2008


Masculine- Feminine

Anthah Swanubhavananda Vikalponmukta Gochara
Yavastha Bharitakara Bhairavi Bhairavathmanaha
All this time, Consciousness was referred to as Bhairava. Now the feminine Bhairavi is mentioned as the Awareness of Bhairava. The truth is when the expression is masculine, the consciousness is subtle and feminine. When the expression is feminine, the awareness within is masculine Bhairava or Purusha (another word for man) as Prakriti or creation refers to woman.
When one is filled with the bliss of the experience of the self within, that is free of any distortions, being filled with that state is the experience of Bhairavi, the consciousness of Bhairava.
When there is an experience of bliss in any way - it can be by watching the ocean, gazing at the sky or sharing an intimate moment with a friend or a loved one, being filled with that experience of bliss is consciousness itself. - Swahilya Shambhavi.
Picture: On the banks of the Kandy Lake, Sri Lanka.

Friday, April 4, 2008

No Directions

Jobless Silence

Dikkalakalanonmukta Deshoddeshavisheshini
Vyapadeshtum Ashakyaasavakathyaa Paramarthathaha
What is the Supreme Reality, the Truth or the One Consciousness? It is not anything that we see, hear, smell, taste and touch. It is not confined by directions and time. It is even free of space and has neither a job nor intention. It is not possible to describe with words, the supreme truth which is beyond qualities and attributes. To understand the nature of the Supreme Truth, we can watch this computer screen. There are pixels of letters and images on the screen. The screen represents the supreme truth and juxtaposed against the screen is the mind which is represented by the words and images. In a deeper sense, the one that views this computer screen and understands what he or she see on it is the Supreme Truth, through the windows of the senses.